2. Beginnings of Rome
3. Institutions of Early Rome
4. Etruscan Kings of Rome
5. Reorganization of Kingdom

6. Struggle against Kingship
7. Struggle for Economic Rights
8. Struggle for Equal Laws
9. Struggle for Political Equality
10. Conquest of Latium
11. Conquest of Central Italy
12. Conquest of Southern Italy
13. Supremacy of Rome in Italy
14. First Punic War
15. Second Punic War
16. Conquests in East
17. Reduction of Roman Conquests
18. Rome as a World Power
19. Times of Gracchi
20. Times of Marius and Sulla
21. Times of Pompey and Caesar
22. Times of Antony and Octavius

23. Reign of Augustus
24. Julian Emperors
25. Flavian Emperors
26. Five Good Emperors
27. Decline of Empire
28. Reorganization of Empire
29. Extinction of Western Empire
Outlines of Roman History
by William C. Morey, Ph.D., D.C.L.
New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Company (1901).



Table of contents




N.B.—This list includes only English works and English translations.


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(4) Original Histories.

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Roman History. (Bohn.)

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               See also (11) Biography, “Plutarch,” “Suetonius.”


(5) The Kingdom (B.C. 753-510).

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(6) The Republic (B.C. 510-31).

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(7) The Empire (B.C. 31-A.D. 476).

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               See also (16) Life and Manners.

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(10) Art.

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(11) Biography, General.

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               See also IV. Biography. Individuals.

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               See also
(8) Antiquities.

(17) Literature.

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(21) Slavery.

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(26) Julian.

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(27) Marcus Aurelius.

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NOTE.—Dramas are indicated thus, [D.] ; novels, [N.] ; poems, [P.].

1. The Early Republic

(28) Brutus the Elder.

     Payne, J. H. Brutus; or the Fall of Tarquin. [D.]

(29) Horatius Cocles.

     Macaulay, T.B. Horatius. (In Lays of Ancient Rome.) [P.]

(30) Coriolanus.

     Shakespeare, W.
Coriolanus. [D.]

(31) Appius Claudius.

     Chaucer, G. The Phisiciens Tale. (In Canterbury Tales.) [P.]

     Knowles, J.S. Virginius. [D.]

     Macaulay, T.B. Virginia. (In Lays of Ancient Rome.) [P.]

2. The Later Republic

(32) Gracchus.

     Knowles, J. S. Caius Gracchus. [D.]

(33) Marius.

     Otway, T. Caius Marius. [D.]

(34) Spartacus.

     Eckstein, E. Prusias. [N.]

(35) Catiline.

     Herbert, H.W. The Roman Traitor. [N.]

     Jonson, B. Catiline his Conspiracy. [D.]

(36) Caesar.

     Beaumont, F., and Fletcher, J. The False One. [D.]

Pharsalia. (Bohn.) [P.]

     Shakespeare, W. Julius Caesar. [D.]

(37) Antony.

     Hemans, F.D.
Last Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra. [P.]

     Shakespeare, W. Antony and Cleopatra. [D.]

3. The Early Empire

(38) Augustus.

     Jonson, B. The Poetaster. [D.]

(39) Tiberius.

     Graham, J.W. Neara. [N.]

     Jonson, B. Seianus his Fall. [D.]

(40) Nero.

     Baillie, J. The Martyr. [D.]

     Church, A.J. Burning of Rome. [N.]

     Eckstein, E. Nero: a Romance. [N.]

     Sienkiewicz, H. Quo Vadis. [N.]

     Story, W.W. Nero: a Historical Play. [D.]

(41) Vitellius.

     Melville, G.J.W. The Gladiators. [N.]

(42) Titus.

     Lytton, Bulwer. The Last Days of Pompeii. [N.]

     Otway, T. Titus and Berenice. [D.]

(43) Domitian.

     Eckstein, E. Quintus Claudius. [N.]

     Marks, M.A.M. Masters of the World.

     Massinger, P. The Roman Actor. [D.]

(44) Trajan.

     Lockhart, J.G. Valerius. [N.]

(45) Hadrian.

     Richardson, B.W. Son of a Star. [N.]

(46) Aurelian.

     Ware, W. Aurelian; or, Rome in the Third Century. [N.]

     —— Zenobia; or, the Fall of Palmyra. [N.]

4. The Later Empire

(47) Diocletian.

     Crake, A.D. The Victor’s Laurel. [N.]

     Eckstein, E. The Chaldean Magician. [N.]

     Massinger, P. The Virgin Martyr. [D.]

(48) Constantine.

     Bayle, A. Thalia. [N.]

     Crake, A.D. Evanus. [N.]

     Lytton, Bulwer. Licinius. [P.]

     Rounds, N.C. Arius the Libyan. [N.]

(49) Julian.

     Bungener, L.L.F. Julian, the Close of an Era. [N.]

     De Vere, A. Julian the Apostate. [P.]

     Lee, E.B. Parthenia; or, the Last Days of Paganism. [N.]

     Ware, W. Julian; or, Scenes in Judea. [N.]

(50) Theodosius.

     Massinger, P. The Emperour of the East. [D.]

(51) Valentinian.

     Beaumont, F., and Fletcher, J. Tragedy of Valentinian. [D.]


Table of contents