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The Sequence about Saint Michael
Translated from Latin to English by Victor Cauchi (2000)

Archangel Michael
of the most high King,
Hearken, we beseech,
to our voices.

We hereby profess you to be


the prince of celestial citizens.
When the human race pleads to God,
you are dispatched with angels,

Alas, to harm the enemies,
as much as they wish, whenever


with their cunning they overrun feeble mankind.
Thus you keep eternally
the power of heaven,
the angels constantly honouring you among saints.

In Godís temple


you are to be seen holding in your hands
the golden censer.
Therefrom rises the smoke
of the best aromas
to reach up before the presence of God.


You struggle with the cruel dragon with a strong hand,
forcefully rooting out his soul from his throat.
After which they praise greatly from the midst of heavenly silence,
thousands upon thousands saying Ďsalvation to the kingly lordí.

Hear us, Michael,


angel of the most high,
come down hither for a short while
from your heavenly seat,
bearing unto us the Lordís action
and also his indulgence.


Overthrow, Gabriel,
our enemies,
Help cure, Raphael,
those who carry a disease,
Allay all distress, lessen all harm


and make us participate in the happiness of the blessed.

The wise man plucks this tune for you, oh emperor.