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Arbronius Silo
Poetic fragment
trans. David Camden, 2003


(Seneca Rhetor Suas. II.19) Latro, in this suasoria, after treating everything pertaining to the subject, said that they might even win, and thanks to their position, they could certainly return home unvanquished. Then he inserted this line: "If nothing else, we will certainly be a delay on the war." Later I recall that a student of Latro, Arbronius Silo, father of the Silo who wrote plays for pantomimes and thereby, not simply content to neglect a great talent, defiled it, recited a poem in which we recognized the thought of Latro in the following verses:

Go, go, Greeks, while singing a great paean.
Go triumphantly: Hector, the delay on the war, has fallen.

Back then, listeners were so attentive—not to say so malicious—that not a single word could be plagiarized without escaping their notice. But nowadays, anyone could safely deliver the oration against Verres as if it were his own.