Caelius Apicius
(?4th century AD)

Nothing is known about the life of Caelius Apicius outside his name, which even has been disputed. He has been confused with the earlier M. Gavius Apicius, who lived during the reign of Tiberius.


De Re Coquinaria (On Cooking)
Alternately titled De opsoniis et condimentis sive de re culinaria libri decem (Ten books on catering and seasoning, or on cookery). It contains about 500 recipes divided into ten books:
  1. Epimeles - The Housekeeper English Translation
  2. Sarcoptes - Meats
  3. Cepuros - Foods from the garden
  4. Pandecter - Various dishes
  5. Ospreos - Leguminous plants
  6. Aeropetes - Birds
  7. Polyteles - Lavish dishes
  8. Tetrapus - Quadrupeds
  9. Thalassa - Sea creatures
  10. Halieus - Fish

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