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Gaius Julius Caesar
Commentaries on the Gallic War
translated by W.A. McDevitte and W.S. Bohn.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1869.

Table of contents

Campaign Maps

source: Caesar in Gaul, by Benjamin L. D'Ooge and Frederick C. Eastman. (Boston: Ginn & Co., 1917)

Book 1
Campaign map for 58 B.C.
The Rhone from Geneva to Pas de L'Écluse
The Defeat of the Helvetii (I.22-26)
The Campaign against Ariovistus (I.30-54)
The Battle with Ariovistus (I.51-52)

Book 2
Campaign map for 57 B.C.
The Battle of Aisne (Axona) (II.9-11)
The Defeat of the Nervii, Plan I: positions of the contending forces before the attack (II.17-19)
The Defeat of the Nervii, Plan II: positions of the contending forces at the crisis of the battle (II.20-27)
Siege of the stronghold of the Aduatuci (II.29-33)

Book 3
Octodurus and the surrounding territory (III.1-6)
The Veneti and neighboring coast region (III.7-19)

Book 4
Campaign map for 55 B.C.

Book 5
The second invasion of Britain, 54 B.C.

Book 7
Campaign map for 52 B.C.
The siege of Avaricum (VII.17)

Table of contents