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The success of this project hinges entirely on the generosity of the people who use it.

In fact, one of the best ways that you can contribute to the CSL is simply to spend some time exploring the resource. If you have previously worked on specific Latin authors, look them up in the author index and double-check our listings. Have we made any mistakes in their dates or in the titles of their works? Are there works by these authors that we neglected to list? Are there any authors whom we've omitted altogether? While working on a project like this is a wonderful way to learn about some 2,500 years of literature, it is impossible for one person to acquire expertise on every single author and work that we list, and so we ask you to share your own knowledge and help us improve this resource. If you do find any errors or omissions, please let us know.

If you are willing to donate a little more of your time to help us expand the digital library, please consider sending us a Latin text or translation. The Latin text may be your own original edition, or it may be entered from a text whose copyright has expired and is now in the public domain. Likewise, we accept both original translations (in all modern languages) and those that come from out-of-copyright sources. For information on determining the copyright status of an edition, see the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections' page on When Works Pass Into the Public Domain. And speaking of copyrights, all editors and translators who submit their own work to the CSL may be reassured that they will retain the full rights to their work. These texts are protected by U.S. copyright law, and their contributors are free to use them elsewhere in any manner they wish, with the only condition being that, for obvious logistical reasons, they cannot be withdrawn from the CSL after they have been posted. For more information on our copyright policies, see our terms of use.

If you currently have a text that is ready for submission, send it to us via email, and we will review and hopefully post it within a few weeks. If you do not currently have a submission ready but wish to volunteer to type up or translate a Latin text, first check the author index to make sure that a complete edition is not already available, and then send us an email with the author and title of the text, the language you plan to work in, and any other pertinent information (including the specific edition(s) you are working with). Within the near future, we hope to include a listing of such works-in-progress on this site.

Finally, please note that the Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum is more than just a large vault of primary texts. With this project, we are attempting to create a dynamic research tool, complete with reference works and other secondary resources. Thus, we are happy to accept commentaries, articles, images, and anything else that may contribute to the study of these authors and the ages in which they lived and wrote.

If you wish to aid our project in any of these ways, you are invited to send your contributions directly to the project manager.

Thank you for helping us improve the CSL.