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Livius Andronicus
The Odyssey
Translated from Latin to English by David Camden, 1999

[ 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 13 16 19 20 21 22 23 24 ]

Book I

tell me, O muse, about the skillful man
(Od. 1, 1)

our father, son of Saturn . . .
(Od 1, 45)

my daughter, what statement flies up out of your mouth?
(Od. 1, 64)

indeed I have not forgotten you, our Laertes
(Od. 1, 65)

in a silver washbasin, with a golden pitcher
(Od. 1, 136-7)

and you shall openly tell me everything
(Od. 1, 169)

What is this banquet? What holiday is it?
(Od. 1, 225-6)

... very many have come to call upon my mother
(Od. 1, 248)

Book II

when the day comes which Morta had proclaimed.
(Od. 2, 99-100)

either coming to Pylus, or waiting there
(Od. 2, 317)

and then he ordered them to tie the oars with straps
(Od. 2, 422)

Book III

and in that place [fell] the greatest man, the first man- Patroclus
(Od. 3, 110)

Book IV

and let us have the thought of food
(Od. 4, 213)

in part they wander, they cannot return to Greece
(Od. 4, 495)

holy queen, daughter of Saturn
(Od. 4, 513)

at the home of the nymph Calypso, daughter of Atlas
(Od. 4, 557)

Book V

therefore at last Ulysses' heart became cold with fear
(Od. 5, 297)

Book VI

whether to clasp the maidens knees and beg her
(Od. 6, 141-2)

sit there and wait until you see that I have come home, riding in my carriage
(Od. 6, 295-6)


at the same time he also wiped the tears from his face with his cloak
(Od. 8, 88)

for and in fact nothing wears down a man worse than a raging sea; he who has great strength, the ruthless waves will quickly shatter
(Od. 8, 138-9)

[Came] Mercury and with him the son of Latona
(Od. 8, 322-3)

they tied among themselves a confusing winding of knots
(Od. 8, 378)

for them Moneta's divine daughter taught
(Od. 8, 480-1)

Book X

Does an upper or a nether god bring you death, Ulysses?
(Od. 10, 64)

Quickly she makes the men as they were before,
(Od. 10, 395)

Book XII

With all speed we came to the home of Circe; at the same time maids bring much meat to the ship; wines were also placed in them.
(Od. 12, 16-19)

excessively forebearing
(Od. 12, 321)


so also it has happened
(Od. 13, 40)

Book XVI

seeing that I have heard, I rejoice in few things;
(Od. 16, 92)

Book XIX

a garment dingy, dark, and wide
(Od. 19, 225)

Book XX

When the wicked Cyclops crushed our allies in his jaws,
(Od. 20, 19)

Book XXI

and into his hand he took up a spear
(Od. 21, 433)


but the spear flying swiftly bursts through his chest with iron;
(Od. 22, 91-3)


meat and wine, which they poured out, was served;
(Od. 23, 304-5)


and down from their right hands
(Od. 24, 534)