Cn. Naevius
Bellum Punicum
Translated from Latin to English by Marco Petrolino.


[1]You, Nine Sisters, harmonious daughters of Jove
[2]            Manius Valerius,
as consul, leads a portion of the armies on an expedition
[3]Concealed by the night, the two menís wives were departing from Troy, both weeping, leaving with many tears.
[4]Many mortals follow their path, many other vigorous men leave Troy. Wherefrom they, with gold, were departing thither through the gates.
[5]There were engraved images [depicting] in what the way the Titans, the two-bodied Giants, and great Atlantis, Rucus and Purpureus, children of Ge...
[6]The old man, relying on his piety, called to Neptune, brother of the great king of the gods and lord of the seas.
[7][They were] woodland dwellers and inexpert in waging war.
[8]Venus calls her father Jove, greatest and best.
[9]The fortunes of men come to her (Didoís?) mind.


[10][...] a lovely vessel made of gold and a fragrant gown...
[11][...] soothingly and learnedly, Aeneas pondered by what design he might depart from the Trojan city [...]
[12]And then fortune laid his mind to rest
[13]Proserpina, the daughter of Ceres, is first and leads the way.
[14]The underworld gods bore [...] to the dwelling great and spendid
[15]Thereafter, famous Pythian Apollo powerful in arrows, descended from Jove, blessed, and bow-bearing.
[16]After Anchises had observed a bird in the sky-zone, the sacred objects were placed in order upon the altar of the Penates and Anchises sacrificed by fire a beautiful golden victim.
[17]King Amuleius lifted his hands heavenward and rejoiced in the gods.

Fragments of the mythic story which are not able to be placed with certainty.

FISPM-1They carry beautiful mixing-bowls, [... and ] golden goblets...
FISPM-2 he pronounces the divine utterances [...] he foretells of righteousness...
FISPM-3with you arrow-holder, [...] goddess mighty in arrows...

fragments of the historical part of the story


4.1They (the fetiales) gathered up twigs and olive-branches and the tufts of grass...
4.2this Samnite
4.3The Roman force crossed Malta, burned the island which had been untouched before then, destroyed it, and laid waste to it, and made spoil of the enemies' goods.
4.4just then the caretakers offered up the ugly intestines...
4.5the Praetor of the people arrived and auspiciously gave prosperous auspices...
4.6they gift the meat to the winners...
4.7In turn I turned over [....] the victory...


6.1Arrogantly and with scorn [...] he exhausts the troops
6.2It was decided that they were to have the kingdom and also the lands...
6.3For the seventeenth year they remain in that place...
6.4He reckons that the Carthaginians are going to come to meet with him


7.1He makes a compact with the Sicilians so that they would give over the hostages
7.2They make a compact on this as well; that their duties may be in accord with Lutatius, many captives...

fragments of the history of unknown assignment

FISPH-1The cargo vessels with their freight were stationed on the calm sea.
FISPH-2Bitting hunger grows among the enemy
FISPH-3They preferred that they themselves perish in that place rather than return to their people with shame.
FISPH-4But if they should abandon those bravest men, there would be a great shame for the people throughout the world.
FISPH-5Almost all are brought under one judgement
FISPH-6Just then, one after another they muttered to themselves
FISPH-7And sooner will a lobster give birth to an elephant...

Doubtful fragments

FI-1because dim witted men cannot understand sufficiently.
FI-3a little of war/ less of war
FI-4Many tumultuous fears gripped their chests
FI-5Quickly did he seize the flames of Vulcan